Redesign/Build : Realizing Parametrics workshop at UFM in Guatemala City

I just got back from a week in Guatemala City teaching a Grasshopper workshop at UFM on Axel Paredes’ invitation.   The workshop was 1 week and the students produced some really great work in a very limited time.
Here are some pictures from the final review.

photo 1


photo 4


photo 2




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Building a Linear Delta Robot

A much needed update on what’s going on. I am undertaking a project with Dave Shanks to construct a linear delta robot like THIS ONE.
We ordered a set of 3d-printed parts and this is what they look like:

We’ll be updating a THIS TUMBLR as we go with the hopes of making our process available to anyone else interested.
More to come!

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PointCrowd NYC : June 4-21

New RhinoScripting workshop in New York City coming up. details

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PointCrowd : New York

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be doing another version of my Rhino.Python workshop in New York this November 9-11. Find out more and register at

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I’ve been working on these soap film simulations with the Center for Bits and Atoms. There’s more videos and information here.

SoaPy – tube from Ari Kardasis on Vimeo.

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Aperiodic Tiling

Below is some work from my ongoing thesis : The Soft Grid, which is an investigation into the spatial organizations of architecture through the lens of gridding systems.

This video demonstrates the running of an algorithm that I’m developing which tiles the plane using parallelogram shaped units.  In this case, there are ten different tiles generated from five vectors.  You can see the program putting the tiles down in a blob shape and retracing its steps whenever there is a conflict resulting from tiles bumping into one another.  The red concentric tree is a representation of the data structure that is being used and the blue meshwork is a designation of adjacency, which is a fundamental aspect of a gridding system.



I will be posting more on my thesis as it develops.

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Face Folders

This project is a little late in the blogging but here it is:
Face folding is an idea that I came up with for Erik Demaine‘s folding class. Basically you start with a polyhedron and deform each face in plane while keeping the edge lengths fixed. Not too much is known about these mathematical objects but my concern was to build them:

Above is a dodecahedron. The next few are the slightly easier to see cube.

Everything is made of 1/16″ water-jet aluminum cut into a lot of very simple pieces.

Pieces are assembled into flat polygons.

Which are in turn assembled into polyhedra.

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Point Crowd

Masoud Akbarzadeh and I have put together a website with a good deal of material for the upcoming release of RhinoScript in Python. Take a look :

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Point Crowd : RhinoScript and lots of tiny things

I will be teaching a workshop at MIT along with Masoud Akbarzadeh in late January using the new Python version of RhinoScript to deal with particle systems. We really excited and we’re expecting a great group.

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BuzzBack at SIGRADI 2010

I will be teaching a workshop at the SIGRADI 2010 conference entitled “Living in Stereo : notes from the signal”. It is an exploration of the BuzzBack project that I’ve been working on for the last several months and will include an introduction to the software, the mathematics of signal processing and an extended lab time in which the students will be able to create a symphony of customized buzzers. More to come.

ripples 01.jpgripples 02.jpg

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